Five Ways To Make Money With Clickbank

In my last article I talked about  how you can open clickbank account now lets look at how you can really make good money with clickbank.

ClickBank is a privately held online marketplace for digital information products. It aims to serve as a connection between digital content creators (also known as vendors) and affiliate marketers, who then promote them to consumers. It provides ways in which you can generate income in the following ways:

1. Become an affiliate for ClickBank products

You can easily sign up as an affiliate via and then take a look through the full range of products in their marketplace for products you'd like to promote, for example by looking in the appropriate category you should find products that match up well with your existing business and that you'll be able to promote to your mailing list.

To promote a product, you simply create a hoplink, which is of the following format:

Just replace 'nickname' with your own ClickBank nickname, and 'merchant' with the nickname of the merchant. If you're not sure what the nickname of the merchant is, you can always go to their sales page and extract it from their sales link - it's likely to be in the following format:

where  'Merchant'  is the merchant's nickname.

2. Sell your own product through ClickBank

There's no surer way of making money online than selling your own product, and with ClickBank you can start doing this quickly and easily.

You can sell up to 50 different downloadable products through ClickBank with a single account - and to become a merchant costs less than $50, rather than the hundreds of dollars it often takes to set up your own merchant account.

And you won't be alone - thousands of web masters sell through ClickBank including people like Ben Prater, Joe Vitale and Jim Edwards.

3. Sign up your own ClickBank affiliates

Just by signing up with ClickBank as a vendor, you can start recruiting affiliates to sell YOUR product almost immediately - and if affiliates are receiving commissions from selling your product, that means YOU are making money.

You can define exactly what level of commission you want your affiliates to receive - personally I give my affiliates 50% so we're both on an equal footing.

4. Send ClickBank new clients

You can earn cash just by promoting ClickBank itself, full details are available at - it's not big bucks, but it's useful as an additional income stream with commissions ranging between $0.05 and $10.00.

5. Promote a ClickBank Storefront

ClickBank's own MarketPlace is fairly limited in terms of functionality, but various companies offer a 'storefront' for all (or some) of the products listed in ClickBank's MarketPlace, and each one of which will have your ClickBank affiliate nickname attached.

The idea is that you promote your own storefront, and get commissions from people who visit and go on to purchase products that are listed.

The most powerful one I've seen is at, but there's a couple others you can view for comparison at and

Hope you enjoyed this and find it useful and helpful or otherwise kindly drop your comment below, If you need more assistance you call email me, surely I'll get back to you.

How To Open ClickBank Account In Nigeria And Make Money Online

ClickBank is a secure online retail outlet founded in 1998 for more than 50,000 digital products and 100,000 active affiliate marketers. It makes a sale somewhere in the world every three seconds, safely processing more than 30,000 digital transactions a day. It serves more than 200 countries, and are actually ranked as one of the most highly-trafficked sites on the web.

I use ClickBank in order to market digital products on my other blogs and this blog earn affiliate or reseller commissions. There are lots of Nigerians who also wants to market the digital products on ClickBank but find it difficult to do. Let it be known that, ClickBank accepts Nigerians but do not accept account openings in Nigeria but there are ways out if you follow the methods below:  

make money online

The first thing you need to do in opening and a ClickBank account is to get a foreign address. That can be an address of someone related to you outside Nigeria it can be in US or UK. All you need to do is to inform the person about this. Once he/she agrees you have gotten the solution partly. Now you can sign up to ClickBank using this link:

This is all you need to open and run a ClickBank account right here in Nigeria. You account will be accepted then you can safely promote the products and earn while you do so. You don’t necessarily need to withdraw the money you make. You can use it to pay for goods and services online. The goods will be delivered to the address you signed up with. From there, you get the goods you ordered for.  


In this method, If you don’t have anyone with a foreign address, the hope is not lost. You just need to make use of a service company called Graph Card. They will offer you a virtual address in US, telephone number and ability to use VISA card. By ‘virtual address’, I mean a specific and personalized US address. This is not for free anyway but you will pay a token amount. It will cost you less than $4.99 (around #800naira) monthly to keep using their services.

By ‘ability to use VISA card’, I mean you can also receive foreign checks without having a Domiciliary account. Here what you need to do is to open a Graph Card account and register with them as a Nigerian. Registration is FREE. You either choose a personal or reseller account. You can sign up with them using this link: Graph Card offers different services such as Virtual Office. With this, you will be given a virtual address. This is the address that you will require to open your ClickBank account. The address looks like below:

PMB: 3050, 8101 Sandy Spring Road Suite 220, 
Laurel MD 20707 USA

However, to get the virtual address, you will need to fund your Graph Card account using Virtual Terminal Network. Virtual Terminal Network (VTN) is an online payment processor for Nigerians. With VTN, you successfully pay for products and services locally. You can sign up with VTN using this link: Click register, and use the information you used when you opened your Graph Card account, use your real name.

Once your Graph Card account is funded in less than 20seconds you will have your own virtual address created instantly just for you. After which you should go to ClickBank to register and sign up with the virtual address. You can add fund to your VTN account by paying into their accounts using: GTBank, Oceanic/EcoBank and PHB/Keystone Bank. After payment, login to your VTN account and confirm deposit by clicking ‘confirm bank deposit’. After that you can click on icon ‘Transfer to Graphcard’ thereby funding your Graphcard account. 


There are two ways you can convert your Graph card money into real cash. One of them is through western union, you can decide to send the money in your Graph card account through western union to yourself and in 72hrs you will be able to receive your money.

With your GTBank account all you have to do is to send the money directly into your GTBank account and in 48hrs you will find your money in your account. This is what I am doing to make thousand of dollars within couple of months. Remember you don't need a domiciliary account and you don’t even need to wait for 21 days for the bank to clear your check. With the above method I just shared you can have your money in less than 5 days

Before I leave you can even start making money now without wasting time and with zero naira, just visit the link below and start making money.


Hope you enjoyed this and find it useful and helpful or otherwise kindly drop your comment below, surely I'll get back to you.