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But from all the reviews of CreateSpace I read online, I believe it’s an excellent service. I advise that you give it a trial and see things for yourself.

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For comments or any clarification please hit the comment box below and be sure I’ll respond in time.

How To Get A US/UK Phone Number -Without A Dime

Secret Revealed!

How To Get A US/UK
Phone Number
-Without A Dime

Get And Make Use of a US or UK Phone Number - Even If You Live In Nigeria or Other Countries In Less Than 5minutes

If you really want to know how to get your own US and/or UK Phone Number that will ring on your GSM Number here in Nigeria, then you should pay attention to this letter to the end.

Do you know that you can get a Free US and/or UK Phone Number? 
Have you ever wondered how possible this is? To have a US Phone Number(+1424-226-XXXX) and/or a UK Phone Number(+44702-403-XXXX) that rings on your MTN, Airtel, Glo or Etisalat line without you spending a kobo?

It Sounds Like Miracle

I was in doubt just like you are right now. I wondered how I could have a US and/or UK number in less than 5minutes. And in the next minute I can make and receive calls on my MTN line.

It was much easier than I had thought. 
I am going to show you how you too can get your US and/or UK Phone Number.

The Most Amazing Part Is That
It’s Free To You

This same information I’m about to revealed to you has been hoard by many who knew it. Some will even charge you a fortune to configure your phone number for you.


Sell to you some expensive SIM cards and will never teach you "how to fish" but rather will always want you to buy the fish from them.
Read this power-packed report that condenses down everything I’ve learned about How to get a free US and UK Phone Numbers in less than 5minutes. 

No Story, No Long-thing Just the raw information and systems you need to get your free US and UK phone numbers. In less 5 minutes, you should be up and running

Here’s Just a LITTLE of what you’ll discover…

·          How to get a US Phone Number
·          How to get a UK Phone Number
·          How to receive calls on your foreign Number
·          How to Get a Fax Number
·          Have your US/UK Number ring on your Nigeria Number

I Can’t Take Credit For The System Alone

I consulted EVERYBODY especially my buddies in the UK and US, that I knew who were vast about how I could get a Free US Phone Number read everything available on the subject of getting and then added my own personal experiences to develop this report…

It is truly the best of the best and you'll be amazed at how simple and FAST to learn this is, so you can implement this information immediately and get your FREE Phone number(s).

How to start mini importation business click: here

How to import cars from USA and Canada click: here

Why Wait Any Longer?

There is an old saying 'procrastination is a thief of time and delay can be dangerous'. Think about it, you go out and try this on your own. You will be adding value to yourself and unto others with the knowledge you'll be acquiring.

Can you imagine how much faster and easier it is when you follow a proven system of some simple step-by-step approach, that I have penned down. It wasn't this easy for me. I spent a lot of energy, time and money before being successful at getting my own free US and UK Phone Numbers.

Just Imagine this...

·     Talking to your peeps like you're just next door
·     Change your phone number to Uk/Us number
·     Being able to hide your phone identity
·     Reach out to your business prospects in other countries
·     Set up an IVR
·     Send SMS, Fax with your US/UK Number
·     Never miss a call with your voicemail
·     Record your own caller tunes on your Number

This was What Happened To Me

After I got my UK Phone Number, I immediately sent it to my sister in the UK via an SMS, and guess what happened? She starts to call me more frequently, why? The call seems like a local call to her, no need of her getting an international Calling Card as usual, and the call was crystal clear. She even thought I was in the UK I was trying to surprise her. But I told her hell-No, I'm in Naija talking to you on my MTN Line via my UK Phone Number.

And Again, making use of my US Phone Numbers was quite cool. Yes you read me right, I have 3 different US Phone Numbers. Calling my friend in Baltimore was like magic to him. He paused and asked me where I was and how I did it. The calls were crystal clear and I can also receive calls here in Nigeria on my local line.

GET YOUR COPY NOW FOR JUST N2000 naira, or ($13)

Why It’s Just N2000 ($13)?

I'm only charging this for this report, and not giving this report away, for 3 reasons.

1.    N2000 puts the report within reach of the vast majority of people. It's not too expensive for even the humblest beginning.
2.     Anyone who's not serious enough about getting a FREE US/UK Phone Number to invest N2000 into this report isn't going to take the time to use the methods laid out in the report anyway.
3.     Anyone who is serious enough to put down the price of a plate of Rice and Chicken at a fast food or a cup of Ice-cream at Cold Stone and buy this report has the opportunity to have a Free US and/or UK Phone Number

Hurry!!! Limited copies are available for this price

How To Order: 

Pay =N2000 into the account below:

Bank Name : GTBank
Account Name : Fatoki Olusanya Folorunso
Account Number : 0124332237

After payment send SMS to:
08161684343 / 08060503032 with the following details:
"Uk Number" Your Name, Teller Number and Your Email Address.
And Your Package will be sent to your email Within 3 hours of Payment Confirmation.
Just to make things easy for you, I've decided to take all the risk on my
shoulders and throw in a 100% guarantee...

My Guarantee
You Have Nothing To Lose

Guarantee #1  If for any reason you think my report isn’t the best just send me an email and I’ll gladly refund your whole money with no story.

Guarantee #2  If you actually DO what I recommend for you to do in the report and you did not get a US and/or UK Phone Number for free, I’ll actually refund TWICE your money. All I ask is that you give me an honest effort.

How fair are these guarantees?

I’ll Only Sell 50 Copies
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Not only will the 50 copies go quickly (at which point the N4,800 discount will expire) and trust me, you don't want to miss it... 
Whatever you do, I hope you make the right decisions because that is what matters the most.
If you decide to put this aside and not get it now, you should be very sure that by the time you come back, the price will no longer be N2000 or even N2,500. It might be N5,000 or more by then because the service you'll derive is worth more than that.
So, register now by heading to the bank or login to your internet banking account to buy this powerful report and get started.

WARNING: Don't Make Same Mistake

Procrastination is a thief of time.
Do you know what that means? It means you should get your copy while it is still available at this price now. I am increasing the price once the first 50 lucky people claim their copies. When? I do not know for now but it will surely be increased. So, you better get it now. This threshold can be reached tomorrow or tonight

I'd like to have your foreign number.

Best Wishes,
Olusanya  (johnny)

Email:   OR

Mobile: 08161684343 / 08060503032 or +447031962768

How To Import Cars From USA and Canada To Nigeria and Other Countries

“THE Secrets That Made Me Huge Profit Just Few Months back Importing Cars From USA And CANADA Right From My Bed Room!!”

Are you an Auto dealer? Are you by any Chance interested in importing Vehicles for sale or for Personal use but do not fancy taking a trip outside the Country to do it?

There are currently over two million cars of different brands and sizes just waiting to be exported in Canada and USA for anyone that is interested.

And you can stay right in this country and make all your purchases online and have them delivered to your doorstep at affordable prices too, that is the secret I am about revealing to you. 

This is the SECRET the car dealers in your streets are using. Its simple, YOU TOO CAN DO IT.

Let us take a brief look at the types of cars available in this Cheap Auto import portals:

             Accidental Cars: These are cars that has been in an accident and has little or major damage as you will find out during inspections and they come cheap especially those that has not yet been repaired and you can make enough profits from them by buying it and getting it fixed up in Nigeria before selling it for a much higher rate. This is what 95% of Nigerian car dealer does.

Clean Cars: This are cars that are second only to new ones, they haven't been in any accident and it runs perfectly like new and you can hardly differentiate it from new ones though it comes a bit costly but is really the Game as its worth it especially if you are buying for your personal use or a clients needs a Clean and neat ride and pays well for it.

Flood Cars: The cars under this categories got damaged by flood during hurricane periods and while most of these flood cars are irreparable especially when it is flooded with salt water, you can also get lucky and get ones not flooded by salt water which you can buy for a very cheap price and repair it then sell to buyers and make a Good profit though most of these cars starts developing problems in the future.

From my experience I can authoritatively prove to you that 95% of Used Cars Driven in Nigeria are Accidental and 90% of the owners doesn't know about it. But whatever you do never buy a stolen car, we will also show you how to discover if the car you are buying is stolen or not inside the GUIDE.

  • How To Start Mini Importation Business In Nigeria click: Here

How Cheap Are Used Cars From USA?

I know that you will be wondering how cheap used cars are in USA, lets take a look at some Clean car prices in USA.
The picture below is that of a clean 2003 Toyota Camry

The 2003 Toyota Camry is a clean car that has no accident history and cost $1850 buy directly without the option of placing a BID, you also have the option of placing a bid even though the instant buy now price is $1850 you might also get it for $1500 if you choose to bid, but if you don't want to bid you can buy it once for $1850 which is approximately N297,000 (naira) and by the time you go through the inspection, shipping and clearing and processing fees charged by the brokers you will be looking at N800,000 naira. Let’s see how much this car is sold in Nigeria.

This car cost between N1.2 million to N1.6 million in Nigeria according to a popular Nigerian Website with Car Auction features, you can verify this also from car dealers in your city. I mean clean USA used cars and not Nigerian used cars. The price can go up or come down depending on how neat the car is, but majority of USA used cars are as neat as new and functions like new when compared to Nigeria used cars.

Lets also look at a Clean 2006 Toyota Avalon

The ride above cost $7100 if you want to buy it without negotiation (you can also bid $5000 or $6000 and still get the car) and assuming the total landing cost inclusive of Shipping, Auction fees, Inspection and clearing cost around N1.7million naira, Now lets see how much this car is sold in Nigeria.

Have in mind that the screenshots above are Used USA cars with totally clean records and hasn't been in any accident or had any major repair done on it and the are not like Cotonou used car or Nigerian used car and there is no way a Clean USA used car can be compared with Cotonou or Nigerian used cars, If you doubt go and ask car experts to confirm.

What You Will Learn From This GUIDE

So Hurry Now Get Your Copy!!!!    

1.      In this amazing Car Importation Business Guide, I will be revealing to you the following secrets: 

1. What to check for before buying a car 
2. How to get the vehicles info/reports before buying them 
 3. How To Easily Get A US Govt Approved Car Inspector
4. The genuine websites to find your cars
5. Easy Steps to Purchase Your Car 
6. How to make secure payment for the cars 
7. All you should know about VIN
8. About transportation and shipping:
9. How can I find out the shipping price for the car?
10. Receiving your car at the destination port 
11. Cost of clearing different cars 
12. Recommended Clearing Agents in Lagos
13. How to sell your cars easily

You can call me 247 for ONE-on-ONE tutorial/SEMINAR/TRAINING on IMPORTATION BUSINESS.

For ONE-on-ONE Training (anytime, anywhere within Nigeria) = N25,000 (You are responsible for my transportation)

For ONE-on-ONE Training or seminar in my office = N15,000

E-book(soft copy; GUIDE) = N10,000 (to your email)

Hard copy (GUIDE) = N12,000 (to your home address)

That's it! So do not procrastinate or you could be left out.

Won’t you make up your mind and order for this life changing business opportunity?

How To Order Your Copy
               Option #1 Bank Deposit / Online Transfer.   
STEP 1:  Make a bank deposit / online or mobile money transfer of ANY of your CHOICE above into any branch of GTBanks in Nigeria. The account details are:
Bank Name -  GTBank
Account Name 
-  Olusanya Folorunso Fatoki
Account Number
 -  0124332237
    STEP 2:   
After payments, send an SMS text message with the following Details    to08060503032

Amount paid, Your Name, Your Email, Phone number, Teller number.
Note: - If you make your payment via ATMMobile Or Internet Transfer, Just send other information and forget the teller number.
(Don't worry, once you send this notification and is confirmed you'll receive Your Guide in your email within the next 2 hours.

Option #2 – ATM CARD Payment.
Pay N10,000 ($51) to Order With Your ATM Card and Gain Instant Access To The GUIDE Download Area!
This option gives you the chance to order from anywhere in the world – 24/7 so far you have an ATM card.
Once you click on the image belowyou will be redirected to another page, where you’ll have to click Buy This, therefore taking you to where you’ll pay securely online with your Cards Details, thereafter the Car Importation Business GUIDE download page.

Incase of hard copy, it will take up to a day/two days maximum to get your order via your physical address.

Just to make things easy for you, I've decided to take all the risk on my shoulders and throw in a 100% guarantee...

Because I am so sure of the effectiveness of the information contained in this guide, because I'm sure the strategies outlined in this guide will save you nights of endless sleeplessness, I've covered you with a rock solid 100% no-question asked guarantee, and have taken all the risk upon my shoulder such that, there's zero risk for you at all....

And here's my guarantee:

I had to bring in that guarantee to show you how sure I am when I say this is the best business anyone can do.
I look forward to hearing about your success with your importation sojourn. Even though I get an enormous amount of mail, please write to me. I'd love to hear your success story!

         Start Importing, See You At The Top!

Best Wishes,
Olusanya Fatoki (Johnny)
CEO; Johnny Global Ventures


Johnny Global Ventures
2 Adeyemi Street,
Akure, Ondo State. Nigeria.

Working Hours:

Monday—Saturday:  8:30am-5pm

Email:    OR

Mobile: 08060503032 / 07052963482
           : +2348060503032 / +2347052963482

WhatsApp: 08060503032  BBM: 51436625