How to Create Information Products

The following are some basic ways of creating informational products:

     1.       E-Books
Simple and easy to produce.  e-book can be in Adobe Acrobat PDF format. Today, most word processing applications, such as MS Word, have the ability to save your written document in PDF format. This can be anything from a 1-page checklist, 20-page special report or a 100-page booklet, or longer.

2.      Audio Programs:
This is very easy and simple to do by interviewing people on a particular product and get it recorded and transferred into a digital link for online sales.

3.      Video Programs:
 Videos are an information product that a lot of people don’t do because they think it’s difficult. Yes and no. Doing them right requires a little bit of work and understanding, but just getting them done is pretty easy. It’s an information product you must have in your arsenal to be serious.

4.      Seminars:
My best selling e-book is called “Mini Importation Guide“ of which I have organized a lot of seminars across the states and its like an hot-cake because people have a passion for this business.

5.      Software:
Another favorite info product to sell is software. Though I am still working on it, and with my research I believe this will make you a ton of money over time if done correctly.


Shopping on the Internet is fast, convenient and easy - so why don't people buy on the Internet?
Yes, they don't trust you. You have to give them a reason to trust you.
I can't overemphasize this. You don't trust every Net vendor, because there's always a chance that they are scamming you. You buy from the ones that managed to convince you to trust them. Do the same for your customers and the will buy from you.

How to create trust:

·         Testimonials - Publish reader comments right on your web site. It's more believable if you add the name of the person - even better if you add the e-mail address of that person, but use names and e-mail addresses only with permission.

·         Free downloads - Free trials show that you have supreme confidence in your product. Even if they don't download it, it shows that you are serious about delivering benefits - not just trying to make a quick buck.

·         Money-back guarantee - If they don't like your information product, they'll hit you with charge-backs, so you might as well offer a money-back guarantee. It shows them that you won't put up a fight if they're unhappy and want a refund.

If you would need more clarifications please do drop a comment below , would be glad to reply in time.

WHERE TO BUY CHEAP STUFF ONLINE - The one and only and original It was the first great online retailer and still one of the best for reviews, ease of use and look and feel. For books and music it is still one of the best places, but now other places are better on pricing and shipping charges, unless you get their free shipping deal. We usually try to buy $25 worth of stuff to get the Free Shipping deals. It's a great place to purchase DRM free MP3 files of songs too.

NewEgg - The online place to buy computer parts cheap, fast and with good customer support. There selection is fantastic, and you can almost always find what you want at a very good price. Check your computer magazines for special codes to get free shipping on certain items too.

Cyberguys - Another online place to buy computer parts cheap, they are cheaper than NewEgg on some items (typically low priced generic items like cables and mice, especially in bulk), but they cost more on larger, more expensive products (routers, video cards, etc). Typically if you are spending less than $50 on bulk items like cables or keyboards go to CyberGuys, but for name brand computer peripherals go to NewEgg. CyberGuys is especially good at more unique components, parts and gadgets that NewEgg would not even carry. Their shipping rates on multiple items are more reasonable than NewEgg as well. They are THE place to buy bulk USB cables. -They often carry some very interesting, obscure "geeky" items you will not find elsewhere. Another place to compare with NewEgg and CyberGuys when buying components. Their shipping prices can be a bit high too, so make sure the deal you are getting more than covers the shipping cost (which it often can, but other times does not.) Usually it cost $7 for one small item, $8 for two or more small items, so if you are getting multiple mice or USB flash drives, their total price will beat NewEgg (where you do not get much discount on shipping for multiple items). Getting three or four small items here for $8 or $9 shipping is a good deal. Sometimes they even offer special free shipping or $2.99 shipping for any order for one day, and then their good deals turn into great deals!

eBay - Hey, eBay is the online Wal-Mart/flea market of the world. You just cannot beat it. Just watch out who you are buying from when the deals sound just too good to be true. Many eBay retailers simply gouge you on shipping and handling, but others are extremely reasonable. If you are willing to wait on really slow shipping from China you can get cables and accessories at a steal. - Their prices along with free shipping often beat Amazon for music and movies, and they can come in close to newegg on computer stuff, but their selection is not very large. Plus many of their computer "deals" involve large rebates, which I prefer not to use when you could get those same low prices from day one somewhere like NewEgg, or CyberGuys. - A super low price place to purchase CD's and movies, with fast response. I have used them a couple times and they were fast with new releases, with prices after shipping that beat Amazon or BestBuy. Sometimes BestBuy can beat them, some times they cannot. You have to go and check both places. - The biggest and (sometimes) cheapest place to buy Christian music online. Sometimes their special prices beat DeepDiscount, Amazon or BestBuy but sometimes they do not. You should check them along with DeepDiscount and BestBuy to see who has the best deal at any given time. This Christian dealer often gets special deals (bonus DVD's, autographed covers, free albums, etc.) that the secular dealers do not have. They also have sheet music and accompaniment tracks for sale which you can either download or have sent to you.

 InkSell - A low price e-tailer who sells quality replacement ink products. We actually purchased once from someone who was cheaper, and we regretted it. InkSell is inexpensive, but their products are very good. Use coupon code fastship to get free 2-day shipping with no minimum order size.

SimpleMicro - We have bought from them a few times and they always have the best pricing on laptop batteries and power adaptors. Try using to search for your battery and you will likely get a hit on their site. The strange thing is the price is often better going through than directly from their own site so make sure you go that way to get the best deal.

FastFloors - The online place to buy flooring. We bought about 500 square feet of laminate from them and it came in flawlessly (and our installation work was impeccable, of course!). A good place to deal with, with good pricing and shipping. - The online place to buy blinds and window coverings. We have purchased 14 blinds from them now, and they were very good with pricing and shipping. We actually had to return one blind they sent in the wrong color, and the return was painless.

Sears Parts Online - Like everyone else we have a few Sears/Kenmore products and every now and then we need parts for them so we can fix them ourselves. Here is the direct link to the Sears Parts Store. Their prices are not wonderful, but compared to having Sears or some repair place fix it, they are cheap! It seems like the quality and reliability of the "Kenmore" brand appliances has taken a huge tumble recently, which is very sad indeed.

RPS Products - A low priced place to buy replacement humidifier wicks and HEPA filters. Yes, these last retailers are getting obscure and very specific, but that's why I have this list!

Filter Now - A good, fast and inexpensive retailer who sells Filter and other stock furnace filters in bulk. If you buy 6 or more you get free shipping and a 5% discount. You cannot beat that!

Virgin Mobile - Another pre-paid phone service which is actually cheaper now than TracFone (~$60/year compared to $99.99), but you must pay $15 every 90 days instead of being able to just plunk it all down once a year. They also have cooler phones, so that is what my kids use. They used to have this deal called "Sugar Mamma" where you could earn free minutes by watching corny video ads, but they got rid of it!

Have a wonderful shopping!

How to Make Money from your Facebook Page

Do you know that you can make money from your Facebook page? I will show you how you can go about it in these three easy steps.

Step 1. Apply your Facebook page;
Step 2. Advertise on your Facebook page;
Step 3. Monitor the statistics and get paid!


To get started, just follow these simple instructions:

      1.      Make sure you have at least 1000 likes on your Facebook page so that you can be accepted.
      2.      go to and register with your Facebook account. You will need to allow the app to have access to your Facebook pages before you can access the publisher’s dashboard. Also make sure you read Fanshala’s Terms and privacy Policy.
      3.      Search for and add an approved advertisement below your status and get paid. Go to the “Available Ads” section; choose an ad and copy-paste the content below your status.
      4.      The more your followers or likes, the more you get paid as the brand(s) you are promoting reach more people. You will be paid on a CPC (Cost-per-click) basis, the more people open the link attached to your status, and more would be your payout.
      5.      You cannot provide any sort of incentive to your followers to click on the advertisement or click on them yourself (the counts are restricted to unique IPs). Any account found contravening this would be immediately banned.


You will get paid via checks which will be delivered to your permanent address. Initial address verification would be done to ensure that you get your checks duly. Payments to the publishers are made monthly. Once you reach the minimum payout value of $200, the amount shall be converted to your local currency and a check will be dispatched to your permanent address.

To get started, you would have to divulge your phone number, address and email ID. The basic connecting of your Facebook account would also be done. Your details won’t be sold or shared with a third-party but you cab delete your account afterwards if you don’t like this anymore.

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