1. Go To;
and click on Register

■ Steps To Follow
A. Enter your Full Name
B. Enter your Username
C. Enter your Email Address
D. Select your Country
E. Enter your prefer Password and Confirm it.
F. Click on Sign up.
■ NB: Go to your email and click on Activation/Confirmation code if not in inbox check SPAM FOLDER

2. Go To:
to create your free TBC Web Wallet.

■ Steps To Follow
A. Click on Sign Up
B. Enter same email you used in registering on the homepage.
C. Enter same password and confirm
D. Check I'm not a robot (follow prompts)
E. Click on Sign Up.

NB: Please go to your mail inbox and Confirm if not in inbox check SPAM FOLDER
Select and answer Security question. Keep the answer safe.

■ Steps To Follow
1. Answer Santa's call
2. Click on Give me my gift now
3. Click on Let's go to step one
4. Here, input your Full Name, Username, Email address, Country and Password
5. Click on submit

NB: Use same E-mail address and Password all through so that u don't forget it ok? Please go to your email (spam folder) and click on Activation / Confirmation code.
You're done.

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