What Is TBC?

TBC means many things to Many People..

Banks Close at 4pm TBC does not close
TBC is 24x7x365
TBC is abundance based
TBC is open-source Software
TBC IS an internet protocol
TBC is decentralized database
TBC is a distributed public ledger
TBC is peer-to-peer value communication
TBC is a payment layer for the internet
TBC is a value transfer System
TBC is a speculation Platform
TBC is a geo-political hedge
TBC is fiat currency hedge

TBC is electronic Cash
TBC is digital currency
TBC is crypto currency
TBC is an asset
TBC is a commodity
TBC is property
TBC is a virtual good
TBC is gold 2.0
TBC is money
TBC is mathematics
TBC is innovation
TbC is financial inclusion

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